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Healthy Living Tips For a Men

Everyone wants to shed those extra pounds so that they can look and feel good,  fit in their favorite clothes, and have the stamina to carry out the day’s chores. The truth is that it takes more than just exercise to win the war against fat; it requires a proper diet, discipline, motivation, and the desire to change your life for the better.  It is often said that knowledge is power and that’s true because the following fitness tips will help you get into shape:

·        Focus on Strength Training

In other words, you should lift more weights. Weight lifting is a crucial component of any workout routine because it increases the metabolism of your body and enables it to burn a higher number of calories for about 24 to 48 hours after a workout. In addition, it causes you to develop lean muscle mass and gives you that perfect ‘toned’ and ‘cut’ look.

·        Perform Compound Movements

A compound movement is a type of exercise in which the major muscle groups of the body are worked out together. This maximizes your workout routine and increases the efficiency as well as the efficacy of the workout. It has been shown that compound movements release certain hormones that can help you to burn fat and build more muscle. Some good compound exercises that can be performed are squats, pushups, lunges, deadlifts, pull-ups, and rowing.

·        Move Your Body

Sitting and lounging around all day in front of the television will make you a couch potato. For  healthy living, keep moving your body from time to time throughout the day. For example, you can choose the stairs instead of taking the elevator, take short breaks in the office to walk around, and park your car further away from the supermarket. Incorporating these small and sudden movements can increase your metabolism and help you to achieve your fitness goals.

·        Avoid Sugary Foods

This is something which everyone is aware of but unfortunately only a few follow. Cut down your sugar intake by avoiding sweetened beverages, colas, and fruit juices. Instead, drink fresh fruit juices and follow a  diet plan  centered on protein. Protein helps you lose weight faster; provided that you also keep your carbohydrate intake lower. Don’t forget to add fruits and vegetables to your diet as well.

·        Love Yourself

You may think that this tip doesn’t fit here but nevertheless, it does and is an important one. Maintain a positive outlook on life and stop worrying about what other people think of you. Learn to love yourself and your body; only that way you can focus more on the workout and achieve maximum results.


A Guide for a Six Pack

aadHave you ever felt embarrassed to take off your shirt at the beach, fearing what others might think of you when they see that flab around your tummy? Many of you have been through it before, but rest assured that you can develop a pair of six-pack abs that you have always dreamt of. But it requires focus, motivation, and dedication on your part. You might even have a six-pack underneath but it is not visible due to the fat present on your stomach; burning off belly fat and revealing that awesome six-pack takes more than just exercise.

‘You are what you eat’ is a very popular saying especially in the world of fitness. And it is true. Hence, the scientific way to getting rid of belly fat is by following a strict diet plan. It is outlined as follows:

·        Eat Foods that are Rich in Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and they are consumed not only to build muscle but to burn fat as well. According to research, protein is essential in the fight against belly fat and has been proven to aid in losing weight as well. Individuals who eat high quality proteins tend to have less stomach fat and a higher metabolic rate in their bodies. You should start consuming more proteins to help you reduce your pot belly. Some good sources of protein are chicken, meat, beef, eggs, milk, fish, pulses, spinach, beans, cheese, and yoghurt.

·        Consume Lots of Fiber

Many of you have heard of fiber before but did you know that it is very effective in burning stomach fat and contributing towards healthy living?  Fiber, also known as dietary fiber, reduces the absorption of food in the stomach because it behaves like a gel to bind water. This is especially true for viscous fiber. This results in a reduction in cravings and curbs your appetite, thereby enabling you to feel ‘full’. Consume cooked grains, wheat, barley, legumes, oats, berries, apples, carrots, and tomatoes.

·        Eliminate White Sugar

White sugar is the no-man’s land when it comes to fitness. You should avoid it at all costs because sugar is the real culpit behind stomach fat. This is because it contains glucose and fructose, where the fructose component if taken in large quantities cannot be metabolized and broken down by the liver. Hence, it converts the extra fructose into fat and stores it in the body, primarily in the belly. Therefore, avoid white sugar at all costs and cut down on beverages, desserts, fruit juices, and soft drinks.

·        Say No to Carbs

Well you cannot entirely stop consuming carbohydrates as they are important for your body, but you can definitely reduce their intake. Cut down on the consumption of refined carbs mainly contained in white bread, potatoes, and pasta so that your body starts to burn the fat stores for energy rather than the carbohydrates. This also decreases the water weight in the body which is responsible for that particular bloated feeling.


Know The Things That You Should Never Do in a Gym

jkThe health studio you are working out at might be the best gym, Delhi has quite a few. If you’re interested, you can read about it here at but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best advice. You might want to listen up now.

Do you waste time on your phone during your workouts? Stop the madness! Just to make you better navigated at the gym, we have gathered up some knowledge. Stuff you shouldn’t be doing at the gym:

  1. Don’t leave equipment before wiping it: Nobody likes to see or touch puddles of sweat left on the equipment.
  2. Stop doing Crunches every other day: Crunches put unnecessary stress on the lower back and are just generally ineffective at working the abdominal muscles.
  3. Lay off on the Elliptical Machine: It’s putting your body in wacky positions. The elliptical takes your body through an unnatural range of motion.
  4. Never think that cardio is enough:Many people think they only need a cardiovascular exercise program to get great results. That’s not correct because strength training builds lean muscle tissue which increases metabolism and burns more calories. You need to add strength training into your workout routine at least 2-3 times a week.
  5. Never rest during a leg workout: You have just finished a few grueling sets of leg curls and you want to rest and can’t wait to sit down. Well, just don’t! You’re actually reducing the blood flow to your muscle. Blood helps flush metabolic byproducts, so limiting blood flow makes it take longer to get ready for your next set. Try to keep moving on leg day for better recovery.
  6. Never get comfortable: Muhammad Ali once said “I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. When I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts.” That’s what you need to keep in mind. If your workout is comfortable you’re not doing it right. So, start counting your reps when it starts to hurt.
  7. Never add weight before nailing the form: People are always in rush to add weight because they feel it is a sign they’re getting bigger and stronger, not a smart thing to do. It can be dangerous as well. Learning how to do a biceps curl is pretty easy, but learning how to deadlift correctly is not.And one last thing…
  8. You should never sit on a piece of equipment and talk on the phone or text. You are there to lift, not to post social updates or text your epic workout sessions. Some of the best gym in Delhi has practice the policy of no cellphones during workout sessions. Fitness Monkee gives s huge shootout to such gyms.

Let’s Know The Supplements That You Might Need For Healthy Life

Supplements as generally understood include vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, or amino acids, among other substances. Supplements have transformed into a perceived quick fix for everything from fat loss to increasing your strength. A lot of people buy health supplements online without having any clue acids what they might do to their body. Here is a list for you, so that you could make more informed decisions.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is the most important supplement. The human body produces many vitamins and minerals naturally and you can receive fish oil from eating fish, but you’ll have to eat a lot of fish consistently. For most people, eating fish 1 to 2 times per week doesn’t do the job, which means you need to consume supplement. Fish oil can reduce triglycerides, boost HDL cholesterol, and lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease reduce inflammation and improve cognitive performance, help with recovery from exercise, brain health, potentially diabetes, help with losing body fat and may lower your risk of colon and prostate cancers.


It’s a must for everyone who don’t get enough fruits and vegetables. Even healthy diets contain nutrient gaps and you can count on a daily multivitamin to help fill in those gaps and provide your body with some valuable nutritional insurance. It’s not quite a replacement for fruits and vegetables. So, your best bet is to just eat more fruits and vegetables. Food is always a better option than supplements.

Whey Protein

It’s not a supplement you need but it plays an important role in supplying your body with the amino acids for muscle building, muscle recovery, and even fat loss. You can get plenty of protein in your diet, but protein powder is convenient and generally lower in calories than an entire “high protein” meal.


This synthetic version of an energy source produced naturally in the body is stored in the muscles for use during exercise. Studies show that creatine provides energy and helps speed recovery and the growth of lean-muscle mass after a workout.

Vitamin D
People having less than optimal blood levels need vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble nutrient that supports bone, teeth, muscle and immune health. It’s difficult to get from food. While most people know that sunlight is a great source of vitamin D but in some cases that’s not enough.


Probiotics are live bacteria that help support a healthy digestive system and immune system. Probiotics can help replenish and nourish our internal supply of good or beneficial bacteria; possibly less gas, bloating, abdominal pain, and inflammation. They naturally exist in cultured or fermented foods such as yogurt and certain cheeses.


How To Growing A Beard

indexjjjThis article will show you the best way to grow a beard from scratch using the 12 week challenge. It is a step by step beginners guide using a simple 3 stage process. We will show you what to avoid when growing a beard and tips that will help you style and shape your beard as you go. It starts with the one month growth.

Stage 1: One Month Growth

You want a beard, you have just finished your last shave and you’re looking at a completely barefaced excuse for a man. What do you do? You start by growing your beard for one month.

This is probably the hardest phase of beard growth but also the most uncontrollable. I want you to just let your facial hair grow for 1 month solid, no trimming! During this time you will discover the rate of growth your hair follicles produce and also your bearded potential.

Unfortunately not everyone can grow a successful bodied beard but there is only one way to find out – just let it grow. It will look rugged at the beginning, you will get comments and it will agitate you but after this phase it gets good.

I first grew mine when I started travelling. No one knew who I was, no one knew what a looked like so growing a beard was normal because no one knew me other wise. If you have a length of time where you’ll be away from your home, this is a great opportunity to get growing.

2 week Itch

Around the 2 weeks period you will most likely get the 2 week itch. When you shave, the cut can leave the tips of your facial hair quite sharp. As time goes your hair can curl and hit sections of your skin which leads to the dreaded itchy phase, the worst part of growing a beard.

I find it doesn’t last long and to be fair, you can get through it easily enough. It’s not the end of the world but it can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort. There are some measures you can take to keep it on an even keel.

– Use beard oil

I would recommend using a good quality beard oil. beard oil. It will condition your Beard leaving it soft and healthy. It will also moisturise and hydrate the skin under your facial hair, eliminating beard dandruff thus avoiding any skin irritations.Be sparing! Only use maybe 5 pence coin sized drop worth of Beard Oil, you don’t need a lot, it goes a long way. It will just help make it a bit more bearable.

– Avoid alcohol

Say what? No, don’t worry I mean avoid any products for the beard with a high alcohol content because this will dry out the skin and create problems. Avoid moisturisers with any alcohol content and go for the organic choices for the best results.

This will keep the facial hair and skin healthy. Keep your environment of growth natural to get the best results when growing a beard.This will be the biggest problem but when you get past the itchy phase you should be fine.

Stage 2: One month clean up

After the 1st month phase I would recommend giving it a good groom. At this point you might have a rugged facial piece on the go – giving it a good cut around the neck line for more structure could be good.

When trimming aim not to cut too high on the neck line – some people advise 2 fingers from your Adam’s apple. Alternatively just look in the mirror and aim to cut where your neck meets your jaw – this is the ideal location to cut for the neck line.

You may also have a few rebellious hairs on the moustache. Only use scissors for the moustache and cut using your comb for a guide. I always find that the hairs can come to low and irritate my upper lip.

Comb your moustache down so it’s even and cut the excess hair along the lip line. This should give a nice, even shape to your moustache.

NOTE: don’t cut when your beard when it is wet! It will give the hairs more weight allowing them to drop a bit lower from their natural position. If you cut during this time you could remove too much – always cut when dry.

Other than this clean up I would avoid trimming or cutting. You are still very early in the growth process; it may look patchy or even thin in areas but just remember that 4 weeks is a drop in the ocean and only the start to growing a beard. The next section is when you really start seeing results and success in your bearded adventure.

Stage 3: The 12 Week Challenge

The 12 week challenge is the true test and will give you an idea on what your facial hair is capable of. During this phase just cut any stray hairs but I would avoid any big trims or cuts and just let the beast grow!

Some people find that after the 8 week period, you have the start to a successful beard. Your beard will start doing different things, maybe unexpected things. It won’t grow seven heads or look like Medusa, but it could grow different colours in different areas, wavy hairs, straight sections, little patches; whatever the change, embrace your beard for what it is and just let it do what it needs to do.

No one wants to be the same and any individual features that your beard shows is a blessing and should be respected! The beard is a symbol to you and your manhood so take it for what it is and enjoy it.

The 12 week cycle is ideal. This gives a chance for the slower growing hairs to finally come through and grow. Different follicles on the face creates facial hair at different times so this time period will give you the chance to grow a thick, evenly distributed coverage.

It also gives time for the character of your facial hair to come to light – the little changes I mentioned before can really come to play during this time which will ultimately give you a better picture of the quality of beard growth.

This time frame will give you an idea of what style you can get away with. It will also show you the styles you can’t get away with when growing a beard so just use this as a learning period and discover what your beard can really do. That’s the best advice anyone can give on growing a beard.


How To Get Your Dream Physique

Building a muscular chest sounds the hardest of all exercises and it is true somewhere if you begin with the toughest chest workouts. However, we have brought some not so difficult chest dips which are advised to be performed 4 times a week for developing the best chest muscles.

Barbell bench press (flat and inclined)

The barbell lifts generate the great power and put a high strain on your chest. You can start the lifts on an inclined bench and then can shift towards the flat bench press if you are habitual of weight lifting and can put stress on your upper pec fibers that will lead to the growth of the muscles. Also, keep changing your grip width for complete building of chest muscles.

Dumbbell bench press (flat and inclined)

The dumbbell presses are harder than the barbell and also ensures the movement of each side of your body independently that too for a long range. You can choose the flat dumbbell press if you get mastery over the barbell press as both are similar kind of exercises. The inclined press allows you to adjust the angle of the bench to make you comfortable with every move.

Machine chest press

Machine press does not require you to put the stress of heavy weights on your shoulders. It provides you an ease to target your pecs without taking the support of your shoulders. This kind of workout can be chosen as the wind-­up session of your chest exercises.

Chest dips

While doing dips, you must focus on building your pecs as you are taking the pain for developing the muscular chest. You should start with putting your legs behind your body and keeping your arms straight on the parallel bars to bend and raise your body and your elbows to stretch out for more pressure on your pecs. This can also be your final workout session and try to pair it with push-ups for effective muscular growth.

Cable fly on inclined bench

The inclined cable fly is one of the most striking work out for pecs building. It requires a lot of power to pull the cable which in turn puts a strain on both the chest muscles individually. Few more reps on a daily basis would do wonders to pump out your pecs.